New single: Cosmow feat. Glennellen - Afterglow out now!
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Our remix of Mahama Vs Wolf Tide - Spoke The Words is out now on Ultra Music!
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Playmen - Stand By Me Now (Cosmow Remix)
First single 'Standout' is out now!
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    Cosmow is a joint between two artists Tim and Chris, one from France and the other from Germany.
    Each one of them brings in his influences and own culture to break the frontier of music genres. They both released songs in the past with different aliases and collaborated on remixes. But, the more time passed the more obvious it got that they wanted to speak with one voice through their own project together.

    They kicked off their first year as Cosmow by reaching the Top100 iTunes Dance Charts in Italy and Russia with their first Single 'Standout'.
    'Standout' is also featured on the prestigious About: Berlin Compilation. More recently Ultra Music signed their remix of 'Mahama Vs Wolf Tide - Spoke The Words'.

    Cosmow’s sole purpose is to convey a feel good vibe by creating songs that take the listeners on a trip within their own emotional stance as well as reaching out of the boundaries of their daily lives.
    Moreover that mantra is not only restricted to the music itself, it also extends into their approach of deejaying, which they want to combine with live instrumental performance.
    Sharing and interacting with the crowd is who they are at their core spirit. Cosmow aims to break the borders.
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